BUSN 18 - Business Law

Instructor: Lisa Weaver
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Course Description

A study of the legal environment of business. Covering laws and regulations affecting business decisions including legal concepts and cases in areas of ethics, employment, contracts, consumer transactions, competition, agency, business torts and crimes, and business rganizations. Strongly recommended: Eligibility for English 1A.

To take this class, you must have daily access to a computer with an Internet connection and experience using a web browser. You will also need to utilize your college Zonemail account. Learn more about Zonemail.

Check the college catalog for CSU/UC transferability and to see if this course meets AA/AS degree requirements.

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This class begins Jan 19 and ends May 27.

On-Campus Meetings

Students will meet on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am -12:15 pm in Room 2470. They are required to complete the remainder of the course online. You can attend an OPTIONAL, on-campus orientation to Online Learning on Jan 13 from 1 - 2:30 pm or Jan 14 from 5:30 - 7 pm in Room 2410. A virtual session will be offered on the Internet on Jan 19 from 5:30-7 pm. Learn more about these orientations, which are NOT course-specific.

How This Class Operates

This is a hybrid course which meets once a week for three hours. In addition, there is one hour a week of online instruction. The course focuses on the aspects of Business Law that are required for transfer, specifically, Torts, Types of Laws, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Business Organization Law, Employment Law, and Discrimination Law. The face-to-face component will be primarily lecture-focused. The online aspect will provide opportunities for discussion and individual, as well as group, feedback.

Class Activities

There will be weekly Discussion Board activities that are structured around problems in the text. You will be given strategies to work with these problems in the face-to-face class. There are relevant handouts on the class Web posting which will supplement the text and provide information about current cases related to particular topics. The goal is to make the subject matter as useful for day-to-day and current events as possible. The law is ancient, and the rules of law go back thousands of years. The aim is to make them come alive with references to recent cases and demonstrate how the ancient rules are still relevant.

Class Project(s)

There are many opportunities to do well in this class. This is a nice way of saying that there is quite a bit of work. Of course, this is to be expected for a four-unit class on a difficult subject. Here's the scoop: There will be graded, weekly homework assignments which will start after the instructor has had a chance to teach you how to approach them. The homework is not hard but will take the ability to reason. There are also weekly Discussion Board assignments which will be graded. The Discussion Board is similar to the homework and will also emphasize logical reasoning.

How Students are Graded

As stated above, there are many different ways to do well in this class. The weekly homework is graded. So is the weekly Discussion Board work. In addition, there will be weekly quizzes on Blackboard and some Blackboard hourly exams. There will also be some in-class exams during the face-to-face component of the class. There will be a total of 1000 points in the graded baseline, but you have the opportunity to actually earn some extra-credit points as well. All of the grading will be according to the criteria published in the Syllabus.

Succeeding Online

Students who succeed in the online portion of hybrid courses tend to be independent, self-motivated learners with good computer skills. If you are a procrastinator who relies heavily on the instructor for motivation and can't use a computer too well, you should probably consider enrolling in a completely face-to-face course instead.

Also, don't enroll in this class if you believe the myth that learning online requires less effort than learning face-to-face. This course covers the same content and has similar activities as the completely face-to-face version of the course; only the method of delivery partly changes.

LPC offers a tutorial called "Succeeding in an online course" that will not only tell you if you are a good fit for online learning, but it also offers many strategies -- among other pertinent information -- that will help you succeed online. Though the title of the tutorial says "online course", all of it is applicable to the online portion of hybrid courses. Please complete the tutorial.


This course will use the Blackboard course management system as its virtual classroom. To learn how to log in to Blackboard, go to the Blackboard Login Procedures page. Once you enroll, you will not be able to log in until the first day of class.

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