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Spring 2016 Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are courses that have any combination of on-campus meetings and online meetings. These course allow for flexibility in your schedule and offer the best of traditional learning and online learning via Blackboard.

To succeed in a hybrid course, you will need to take responsibility for your own learning. This includes developing time management skills for online learning and being comfortable with web-based technologies. Several of the links on the left, including "Succeeding in an Online Course," will help. Although hybrids aren't fully online courses, the challenges are very similar.

Above all, do not think that fewer face-to-face class meetings means less work.

Some of the online activities that your instructor can require are group work, written papers, research on the Internet, quizzes, exams, practice quizzes, journal writing, simulations, virtual field trips, games, peer-editing/critiquing, web logs (blogs), polls and surveys, debates, case studies, and presentations.

Please note that the instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. The first meeting of online or hybrid Distance Education courses is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing.  For these courses, instructors may drop students who do not log into their Blackboard course and/or complete indicated activities by the third day of classes. DE instructors may drop students if they have not submitted work and/or accessed the class for two consecutive weeks. For Summer courses, DE instructors may drop students if they have not submitted work and/or accessed the class for one week.

Spring 2016 hybrid courses

 Course Section Title CRN Units  Instructor
ASTR 20 HY1 Stars and the Universe 31178 3.0 Harpell
BUSN 1A HY1 Financial Accounting 32758 4.0 Chopra
BUSN 18 HY1 Business Law 30780 4.0 Weaver
BUSN 43 HD1 Professional Communications 32311 4.0 Austin
BUSN 95 HD1 Business Work Experience 30397 1.0 Gravino
BUSN 96 LD1 Business Work Experience Seminar 30553 1.0 Gravino
Computer Information Systems
CIS 43 HD1 Professional Communications 30588 4.0 Austin
CIS 54 HY1 Excel: Intro to Spreadsheets 30488 4.0 Hart
CIS 50 HY1 Intro to Computing Info Tech 30021 3.0 Donat
CIS 50 HY2 Intro to Computing Info Tech 30022 3.0 Fields
CIS 50 HY3 Intro to Computing Info Tech 30023 3.0 Austin
CIS 59A HD1 Web Development: HTML/XHTML 30647 2.0 Kang
CIS 59B LD1 Web Dev: HTML/XHTML, CSS, Java 30652 2.0 Vani
CIS 59C HY1 Web Prog: JavaScript/AJAX 31382 4.0 Kang
Computer Networking Technology
CNT 43 HD1 Professional Communications 30587 4.0 Austin
CNT 51 HY1 CompTIA's A+ Cert. Comp. Tech 30885 4.0 Daoud
CNT 7501 HY1 Whitehat Hacker Testing 30856 4.0 Daoud
Computer Science
CS 7 LH1 Intro to Computer Programming 32428 3.0 Schatz
CS 43 HD1 Professional Communications 30586 4.0 Austin
Early Childhood Development
ECD 68 HD1 Admin II: Personl & Leadership 32812 3.0 Virgilio
ENG 1A 094 Critical Reading and Comp 32138 3.0 Miller
ENG 1A 095 Critical Reading and Comp 30863 3.0 Suzara
ENG 1A 096 Critical Reading and Comp 30862 3.0 Robinson
ENG 19A HD1 Literary Magazine 31764 3.0 Nash
KIN PF HD1 Personal Fitness 32286 1.0 Navarro
KIN PF HD2 Personal Fitness 32863 1.0 Brown
KIN PF HD3 Personal Fitness 31766 1.0 Giacomazzi
Mass Communications
MSCM 19A HD1 Literary Magazine 31765 3.0 Korber
MATH 40 HD1 Statistics and Probability 32258 4.0 August
MATH 40 HD2 Statistics and Probability 32202 4.0 August
MATH 55 HD1 Intermediate Algebra 31113 5.0 McHale
MATH 55 HD2 Intermediate Algebra 30536 5.0 Blumenfeld
MATH 65 HD1 Elementary Algebra 30377 5.0 August
MATH 65 HD2 Elementary Algebra 30610 5.0 Blumenfeld
Work Experience
WRKX 95 HD1 Work Experience 31067 1.0 Gravino
WRKX 96 LD1 Work Experience Seminar 31068 1.0 Gravino

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