Succeeding in an Online Course

What is an online course?

Before registering for an online course, you really should understand exactly what an online course is and how it operates. Simply put, an online course is a course conducted over the Internet. You log into your course to, among other things, access class documents, read announcements, communicate with your instructor and classmates, complete assignments, participate in discussions and groupwork, and take quizzes and tests.

At LPC, all of the online courses are predominantly asynchronous, meaning that you do your coursework at whatever time of the day you want. If you want to participate in a class discussion at 2 a.m. in your pajamas, feel free to do so.

The exception is participating in your instructor's online office hours. Sure, you can still wear your pajamas, but these office hours typically take place once a week in a chatroom or in a webconference, and they are conducted in real-time.

Some instructors schedule mandatory class orientations at LPC, so if you have to come to campus, wearing pajamas probably isn't a good idea. If your instructor doesn't schedule a mandatory orientation, you can attend an optional, general orientation that will be held on campus the week before classes start and during the first week of the semester. These general orientations are not class-specific.

If you are enrolled in an online course, aside from a possible mandatory orientation, do you think you'll be reqired to come to campus for any other class meetings?

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