Succeeding in an Online Course

Most online courses at LPC are designed in a linear format using modules. In other words, you complete one module before moving to the next, and you work within the instructor's timeline, not yours. Most of the courses are not self-paced. So if you're thinking that you can complete a 3-unit course in a week, you might want to check with the instructor before enrolling in the course.

There is flexibility within each module, however. Modules are typically 1-2 weeks long, so you can do your assignments whenever you want during that time.

One reason the courses aren't self-paced is because there tends to be lots of class discussions. It's difficult to conduct discussions when students are working at different places within the course. Same goes for group work, which is also popular in online courses.

Since most courses are not self-paced, you shouldn't feel lonely or isolated in your course. Generally, there is a good amount of communication in the course so that you will feel connected not just to the instructor, but also to your classmates. The idea is to learn from everybody in the course.