Succeeding in an Online Course

Incidentally, research of online students at LPC reveals that those who have taken over 21 units of college credit in their lifetimes tend to do better in online courses than those with fewer than 21 units. Additionally, students with grade-point-averages over 2.0 tend to do better than those with GPAs under 2.0.

Matter of fact, those with fewer than 21 units, and those with a sub-2.0 GPA, tend not to succeed online.

If you have already registered for, and begun, an online course and now are just learning that online courses are not a good fit for you, you are advised to officially withdraw from the course. If you don't, you might receive a grade of "F". Read the withdrawal process. For the majority of you, though, online courses are an appropriate option.

Considering the results of the survey you completed, the 10 facts above, and the LPC research of online students, are you inclined to enroll in an online course?