Succeeding in an Online Course

Successful Study Strategies

As in face-to-face courses, good study habits will help you succeed in online courses. In this lesson, you will learn the necessary strategies to ensure that you are successful online.

Get ready to learn

Before the class even begins, make sure that you are organized. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your online course:

  • If your course has a mandatory orientation, learn when and where it is. Attend it.
  • If your course does not have a mandatory orientation, attend one of LPC's optional, general orientations on campus or over the Internet.
  • Purchase your textbook and any other course materials as soon as possible when the semester begins. If you purchase books and materials online, do so at least two weeks prior to the semester so you will have them the first day of classes.
  • Create a folder on your computer, and label it with the name of the online class. Save all of your work and course documents into this folder. You might also want to create subfolders within your main folder, and label them "Assignments", "Research", "Notes", etc.
  • If you are the type of student who needs hard copies of class materials, purchase folders or binders to hold your printouts. Label your folders or binders, and perhaps even color-code them for specific tasks. If you prefer to take notes with a pencil or pen (as opposed to typing), purchase and label a notebook.
  • Create a folder inside your email program, and label it with the name of the class. Move class emails into this folder so they won't get mixed in with your personal email. If your instructor uses the Messages tool in Blackboard, you can create folders by topics and move emails into them.

Are you the type of student who makes good use of a calendar?

Blackboard offers you a calendar to help with organization. Once you log into Blackboard, you'll see your course(s) listed on the right side of your My Institution page. On the left side is a Calendar link. You can add events into whichever days you want.

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