Succeeding in an Online Course

Here are some other strategies while taking the exam:

  • Answer the questions you're sure of first. If there are matching questions, answer the items you know first, then guess at the rest. If it's a multiple choice test, eliminate the obviously incorrect answers first. If it's a true/false test, look for key words such as "always," "sometimes," "never," and "usually."
  • Do some brainstorming before you begin answering essay questions. Jot down key words, ideas, concepts, phrases. Try some free writing to loosen up. Divide up the allotted time so you'll have time to recopy (if necessary) and to proofread carefully.
  • If you have several essay questions to answer, divide the time equally among the number of questions. For example, if you must answer four questions in two hours, limit yourself to 30 minutes per question.
  • Try to allow yourself time at the end to double-check your answers.
  • Make sure you have answered all of the questions before clicking the Save and Submit button. You can't inadvertently submit an exam by accidentally clicking Save and Submit or pressing Enter on your keyboard because a dialog box will pop up, asking you to confirm your submission. However, it's good practice to review your answers prior to submitting.

Do you expect to see final results of your exam immediately after hitting the Save and Submit button?