Succeeding in an Online Course

Develop a Support System

Communicating with an LPC counselor is one step towards developing a support system while taking an online course. LPC has many other services with employees who can be contacted via phone or email. See the LPC Student Services page for a list of college services.

At home, solicit the support of your family and friends. This support will help others respect your study time. It will also come in handy, for instance, if you need to share computer access with a family member or roommate.

Within the class itself, it's recommended that you identify one or more classmates with whom you can review assignments, prepare for exams, provide moral support, etc. Here are some possible ways for you to connect with other students:

  • Use email to communicate
  • Share phone numbers with other students to communicate by phone
  • Form study groups so you can meet in person, if you live close enough to each other.