Succeeding in an Online Course

Most likely, though, your exam will be online in Blackboard. When you access it, read the instructions carefully. The instructions will include whether or not your instructor chose to utilize any or all of the following options when creating the exam:

  • Timed Assessment. If the exam has a time limit, that limit will be stated. The elapsed time will appear while you are taking the exam. If you exceed the time limit, Blackboard tells the instructor exactly how long you took to complete the exam. Your instructor also has an option of having Blackboard automatically submit your exam at the deadline.
  • Multiple Attempts. Some instructors let you take an exam multiple times; most don't.
  • Force Completion. If this option was chosen, you will have to complete the exam in one sitting. It cannot be resumed later.
  • Backtracking Prohibited: Your instructor might not allow backtracking. If this is the case, you won't be able to go back and change an answer.

Before you begin answering questions, skim the entire exam. Note the types of questions, point values, and any other information the instructor might have included. If your instructor chose to present only one question at a time and prohibited backtracking, you won't be able to do this.