Succeeding in an Online Course


Netiquette is a combination of Internet and etiquette. Basically, it describes things you should and shouldn't do while communicating online. This is especially important in a classroom environment. Here are some examples:

  • Don't capitalize all letters while posting a thought or emailing someone. THIS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING, AND IT IMPLIES THAT YOU ARE ANGRY. Capitalize words only to highlight an important point or to distinguish a title or heading.
  • Never use profanity or make hurtful comments toward someone or when referring to someone's work. This is considered flaming.
  • Be careful when using humor or sarcasm; you never know how someone else will interpret it.
  • Be respectful of diverse opinions.
  • Don't post inappropriate pictures, links or comments. Use your good judgment.

A simple rule to follow is to communicate with people in the same manner you want them to communicate with you; that is, in a friendly, respectful way.