Succeeding in an Online Course

Here are some tips for Discussion Board, blog and journal postings:

  • It's good practice to first compose your posting in a word processor so you can check spelling and grammar. You can check spelling in Blackboard, but the spellchecker there isn't as robust as in a word processor. After checking spelling and grammar in a word processor, edit and review the posting. When satisfied, copy it, then paste it into Blackboard. Note: Blackboard may time out if too much time elapses between screen changes. You may lose your message if you take too long.
  • When pasting into the text box editor in Blackboard, click the Paste button. Using Control+V or Paste from the Edit menu of your browser doesn't always work.
  • Your instructor has the option of allowing students to edit or delete their postings after they are posted into Blackboard. Most instructors do not allow students to do either one because of the confusion it could cause with grading.

If you use either of the two Blackboard chatrooms, be sure to follow any instructions your instructor might have set forth for chat, and have some questions typed up in a word processor that you can just paste into the text entry field (you can paste by using Control+V).

Regarding chat, how do you think chats are used most often in online courses at LPC?