Succeeding in an Online Course

Cheating on Exams

If your instructor has students take a test or quiz online, it's a very good bet that the test or quiz will be open-book. Therefore, it is not considered cheating if you are looking up the answers to objective tests, such as multiple choice or true-false. Your midterms and final exams will most likely be of the essay variety, however. In the essay questions, you will probably be asked to formulate an opinion supported by information you have learned in class.

Since you will have previously submitted many writing samples, your instructor will know your writing style and opinions. So it's not a good idea to even think about having someone else take your test. Besides, your instructor has the option of making you come to campus to take the test or having you take it at a prearranged proctored site elsewhere. At the extreme, your instructor can call you to discuss a point further after an exam.

If your exam is online, what can your instructor do to deter cheating?

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