Succeeding in an Online Course


Plagiarism, as you know, is copying work from somewhere else and not citing the source. It is very easy to copy information off a Web page and paste it into your word processing document to submit. It is also very unethical.

At LPC, all instructors have access to SafeAssign, an online, anti-plagiarism service built into Blackboard. SafeAssign compares each paper submitted by students against pages on the Internet. In addition, it also compares papers against commercial databases and student papers already submitted to SafeAssign.

The results of the comparisons are included in what are called Originality Reports. These reports are exact duplicates of submitted papers, except that any text either copied or paraphrased from the Internet appears underlined, color-coded, and linked to its original online source. Some instructors allow students to see their Originality Reports, while others don't.

All LPC instructors have access to SafeAssign, but do they all use it?