Succeeding in an Online Course

Computer Requirements

Your computer's operating system should have Microsoft Windows (XP or above) or Mac (OS 10 or above).

In fact, if you are taking a course that requires a specific operating system, such as Windows, you can't use a Mac. Some Computer Science courses are examples. Check with the instructor of the course if you are unsure.

  • Processor speed: Any recent computer should be powerful enough for Blackboard. Of course, the faster your processor speed, the better the performance. 
  • Hard disk space: Make sure you have enough for all of your application programs, particularly your web browser. If you download a recent version of a web browser, you'll need ample space on your hard drive to install and run the program.
  • RAM: If you have a recent computer, you should have ample RAM to run Blackboard.  

You can also use a mobile device to access, and complete work in, your Blackboard course. Learn more about Blackboard Mobile Learn.