Succeeding in an Online Course

Two pages that are not linked from the Student Services page but are particularly helpful to online students are the Instructional Technology Student Support page and the LPC Library home page.

The Instructional Technology Student Support page lists the various ways you can contact the college help desk with questions or technical problems related to Instructional Technology. It also differentiates between problems the help desk will handle and problems you should bring to the instructor's attention.

For example, contact the support desk if you have problems logging into Blackboard, but contact the instructor if you want to add a class.

The LPC Library home page is the starting point for all of your research needs. It contains links to different sections, each with vital information that will help you succeed in your course.

And while on the subject of succeeding, we hope that you found all of the information in "Succeeding in an online course" useful and helpful whether you are planning to enroll in an online course or you are already enrolled in one. Either way, good luck in your studies!