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How do I contest a citation?

If you wish to contest a citation, you must visit Campus Safety & Security, Building 1700, Room 1725, and request an Administrative Review hearing within 21 days from the date of the citation or 14 days after receipt of the Notice of Delinquency. Failure to respond to the citation will result in an increase of the bail and DMV will refuse to renew the registration of any vehicle for which the owner has failed to deposit the required bail.

You will need to provide the original citation with your Administrative Review form.

Refer to the Citation Appeal Process (12K PDF) for detailed information.

You can print the Administrative Review Form (36K PDF) online.

Submit the completed Administrative Review form with the original citation to Campus Security, in person or via mail.

Attn: Campus Safety & Security

Building 1700, Office 1725
Las Positas College
3000 Campus Hill Drive
Livermore, CA 94551-7650

Campus Safety & Security



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Page last modified: August 26, 2015