Parking on Campus

Where Not to Park

  • In Red Zones: No parking is permitted at any time in red zones reserved for emergency purposes. Vehicles parked illegally in red zones are subject to immediate tow-away
  • In White Zones: Vehicles parked in passenger loading zones are not to be left unattended
  • In Yellow Zones: Parking in yellow loading zones is limited to the actual time required to make the pick-up or delivery
  • In Blue Disabled Parking Zones: Vehicles illegally parked in spaces designated for disabled persons may be cited and/or towed away and impounded, and to be reclaimed at owner's expense and inconvenience
  • In Staff Parking lots at any time
  • Visitor Parking areas in excess of 30 minutes.
  • Visitor Parking is strictly for visitors, students parked in visitor parking spaces will be cited.
  • Without appropriate semester or daily permit.

Tail in parking.
This is an example of "tail-in" parking, which is not allowed on campus.

Campus Safety & Security



*16 from Campus Pay Phones
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Page last modified: October 27, 2011