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Eric Harpell

Eric Harpell
Room: 4328

I have been a full time instructor at Las Positas College since leaving the UCLA Physics Department in 1986. During these many orbits around the sun, I have also worked part time at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and on astronomical projects at the Lick and Keck Observatories. My creative projects include the "Planet Tales" CD Rom guide to the solar system, and myriad web pages that you are likely to encounter if you explore a bit futher.

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. William Pezzaglia

Phone: 650.430.0342
Room: 1816 (Classroom)
Bill Pezzaglia

Dr. Andrew Combs

Phone: 925.424.1000
Room: 1831 (Classroom)
Andrew Combs

Lab Technician

Position currently vacant and under recruitment with a closing date of June 20, 2014.
See the District HR website for further information.





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Eric Harpell
Physics Faculty

Nan Ho
Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Public Safety Dean

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