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Celebrate What's Right at LPC

Las Positas College has a rich culture of recognition programs. Built around the writings and videos of DeWitt Jones, and other LPC recognition programs ("The Milanese Award for Academic Excellent and Integrity", the Campus Change Network's "Conviction, Courage, Compassion Award", the Faculty Senate Awards, the "Classified Professional of the Year" from Classified Senate) ....

..... The "What's Right at LPC" program began on August 13, 2009, at the LPC Convocation, with the recipient chosen by President Pollard -- Don Saugar, Maintenance and Operations Department. For the monthly awards, nominations are accepted from all LPC staff using the following process.

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The “What’s Right at LPC” Process

  • Review the recognition list below and/or view the slides & narrative from the “Celebrate What’s Right with the World” video, also posted below.
  • Fill out the nomination form below, and send it to the President’s Office by the Monday before each Town Meeting.
  • For 2011-12, the "What's Right" program will continue to recognize all that our colleagues are doing for our students & our community, and ...
    • ... will begin to focus on how we work in groups, teams and cross-functional units to serve our students.
    • These can be formal or informal groups, put together through committee assignment, or through need & urgency  in order to accomplish a particular task or program.
    • The Nominations are the main feature this year.  There is no “one winner” – all Nominees are recognized and acknowledged in the same manner by reading in Town Meeting their excellent vision and hard work to accomplish their task or program. 
    • President Walthers has written, "I have already seen that there is an attitude that exists at the core of our College that naturally celebrates what is right with the world, rather than wallow in what is wrong with it.  
    • As DeWitt Jones says, “I had no idea how powerful that vision would be, how much it would change my life. … Our vision controls our perception!”
  • ALL nominations will be read at the next Town Meeting TO HONOR EACH GROUP, TEAM OR PERSON. 
  • This is about recognizing all our “What’s Right” staff, and there are so many at LPC!

View Slides from "Celebrate What's Right with the World"

AND Read Narrative from "Celebrate What's Right with the World"

Recognizing “What’s Right at LPC” - Nominations of LPC staff can be made:

  • For broadening one’s definition of winning and looking for ways to work cooperatively with others
  • For seeing possibilities, focusing on opportunity, and finding what’s working
  • For unleashing one’s energy to fix what’s wrong and connecting with a positive vision
  • For focusing on how we work in groups, teams and cross-functional units to serve our students
  • For working in any group - formal or informal - to accomplish a goal, either from need & urgency, or from a committee or departmental task
  • For recognizing abundance and acknowledging all that we have to work with each day
  • For continuing to look for the next possible answer
  • For believing that solutions exist and focusing on what is right with the situation
  • For riding the changes and realizing that change is possible
  • For learning to live with uncertainty, while acting with confidence
  • For taking oneself to one’s own edge, and following one’s edge wherever it goes
  • For trusting in oneself to create one’s own future and for moving beyond one’s best
  • For acting with service and grace to make a contribution through action -- at LPC and beyond

NOMINATION FORM - "What's Right at LPC"

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