Classes & Programs

Viticulture and Winery Technology

Active in the 2006-08 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
VWT 10 Introduction to Viticulture
VWT 12 Vineyard Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation
VWT 14 Applied Viticultural Practices
VWT 20 Introduction to Enology
VWT 25 Sensory Analysis of Wines
VWT 31 Vineyard Opertions I
VWT 32 Vineyard Operations II
VWT 35 Vineyard Pest and Disease Management
VWT 38 Vineyard Management
VWT 41 Winery Operations I
VWT 42 Winery Operations II
VWT 44 World Viticulture and Wines
VWT 45 Food and Wine Pairing
VWT 47 Wine Regions and Wines of California
VWT 48 Winery Management
VWT 50 Wine Marketing and Sales


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