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The Common Tool

All 3 Program Review types (Instructional, Student Services, Non-Instructional) will use this (these) tool(s). The Common Tool is to be completed and turned into the appropriate Dean or VP by February 14, 2011.

You should save these forms to your computer and then open them using Excel. You may find that you have to enable macros and/or change the macro security setting in Excel first. To change the macro security setting, open the Tools menu, select macro and then security. Select Medium Security in the security dialog. If you have a newer version of Excel please select the "option" button next to the security warning. Select the 2nd choice.

Instructional Program Review will need to complete both the Program Development (GREEN heading) and Program Maintenance (RED heading) Common Tools. Student Services and non-Instructional Program Reviews need only complete the Program Development Common Tool.

Program Development Common Tool

Program Maintenance Common Tool

*UPDATE: To complete the Common Tools you will need to refer to the Accreditation Recommendations (pages 4-5) and the Self-Study Planning Agendas.

Common Tool Workshops

We are offering four Common Tool workshops, assisted by the IPRC coordinators:

Friday Jan 28th 10-11:30 rm 2416
Monday Jan 31st 2:30-4:00 TLC
Tuesday Feb 1st 3-4:30 rm 502
Wed Feb 9th 2-3:30, TLC

This information is also posted on the IPRC webpage.


Instructional Program Review

Non-Instructional Program Review


Non-Instructional Program Review Time Line

- Now until Feb 1st: Director of Research and Planning available for individual assistance via e-mail, phone call, or drop in.

- Feb 1st: Reviews (including self-study and Actions Plans but less the Common Tool) due to appropriate VP or President.

- Feb 1st-Feb 8: Validation by Executive Staff

- Feb 8th: Feedback to authors.

- Feb 8-14th Authors revise self study, action plans and complete common tool


Validation Step:

-All units turn in the self study and Action Plans to supervisor by Feb 1, 2011.
-Supervisors send them to Dr. Machamer by Feb 1st.
-Dr. Machamer will send out to reviewers for validations (2 reviewers per self study).
-All reviews will be completed by Feb 7, 2011 Using the form below. The 2nd reviewer will send Validation Summary Form to 1st Reviewer.
-1st reviewers will compile 2nd reviewers notes with their own.
-1st Reviewers will send compiled all validation forms to Dr. Machamer by Feb 7th.
- Dr. Machamer will forward validations to unit leads by Feb 8th.
-Authors to complete Common Tool by Feb 14, 2011.


Validation Form for Reviewers


In Fall 2009 3 programs conducted a pilot self study. Based on feedback from the pilot all units will complete Program Review starting in Fall 2010. All program reviews are to be completed and turn into the appropriate Vice President by February 1, 2011. Please click on the link below to download the template. The KPI data is available from your VP or the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. If you have any questions or require any assistance please contact the Office of Research and Planning.

The link below is the pilot template from Fall 2009.

Institutional Research
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