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Coordinators can see assessment results (presented anonymously) for all of the courses, degrees, and/or certificates in their program. Results can be used for, among other things, making improvements within your program and writing your program review.

After instructors have inputted assessment data for their sections, reports can be generated to see how well students are meeting outcomes at the course and program levels. eLumen offers a variety of reports, which are all available by clicking View Results.

Click View Results.

In this tutorial, we will only cover three of the reports:

  • Assessment by Course Group
  • SLO Scoring Completion Report
  • SLO Achievement Report: ISLOs/PSLOs Overall

Assessment by Course Group

This report shows results of all courses (not by section) within a discipline.

  1. Click Assessment by Course Group.
  2. In the drop-down next to Course Group, choose All (your discipline) courses. Click Select Terms, select the term(s) you want, and click Return. Click Report.

    Select course group and terms.

    You will see all of the courses listed, along with SLOs for each course, and assessment results for those SLOs. You have the option to view and download the results as a PDF or as an Excel file.

    Assessment by course group results

SLO Scoring Completion Report

This report shows which sections have been assessed in a given semester(s).

  1. Click SLO Scoring Completion Report.
  2. Leave Course selected (Context is for Student Services). Click the radio button in front of Select Courses owned by (Your) Department. Click Select Terms, select the term(s) you want, and click Return. Click to Generate report.

    SLO Scoring Completion Report

    You will see a list of courses in your discipline that were taught in that semester(s), along with the section numbers and instructors for those sections. There are other columns, but the most important one, perhaps, is # of Actual Scores. If there is a number other than zero in that column, that means that section has been assessed.

    SLO scoring completion report results

SLO Achievement Report: ISLOs/PSLOs Overall

This report shows results for degrees and certificates. Click to view how it works.

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Chair


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Page last modified: June 05, 2013