Student Learning Outcomes

eLumen Instructions: Discipline Representative (Coordinator)

If you are a Discipline Representative of a discipline and have Coordinator access in eLumen, you will input all of your discipline's course SLOs and assessments--then link them together--instead of having each instructor do this separately. The main benefit of this process is more consistent assessment results. Other benefits:

  • This process brings uniformity to what you are measuring.
  • Results will be more meaningful to each course and to the program as a whole.
  • It's easier to write a Course Improvement Plan in eLumen.
  • It helps with writing a Program Improvement Plan in eLumen and with writing your Program Review.

When SLOs, rubrics, and assessment names are written for all of your courses, you should distribute them to all of the instructors in your discipline, including adjuncts. That way, everyone will be assessing the same approved SLOs, using the same rubrics. This also makes assessing easier since instructors only have to click the Member tab at the top of eLumen, click Consider Recommended Assessments, choose the assessment, and score the students.

Choose your eLumen task as a Coordinator:

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Chair


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Page last modified: February 11, 2015