Student Learning Outcomes

eLumen Instructions: Instructor (Member)

As a Member in eLumen, you will be able to enter assessment data for your classes and create a Section Improvement Plan. All of the SLOs, assessments, and rubrics have already been created for you.

  1. Make sure you are on the eLumen Home page. If you are not, do the following: a) Click the Home link in the menu on the left or the eLumen icon above it; b) Click the department in which you are a Member (if just one, it will default there); c) Click the term of the course in which you want to enter scores (eLumen defaults to the current term); and d) Click the appropriate section.

    Enter your section

  2. Click Consider recommended assessments, check the box in front of the desired assessment, and click Apply.

    Click Consider recommended assessments

    Select assessment

  3. If your assessment has been set up to accept Direct scores, click Score Students, then score each student individually. If your assessment has been set up to accept Declared scores, click Declare scores under the assessment, then enter your totals in each box.

    Click Declare scores

    If you want to switch from Direct to Declared or vice versa, click Edit, select your preference for Assessment method, and click Save.

    Click Edit to switch the way you want to score students

    Choose your method of scoring students

  4. Enter your scores. When finished, click Save and enter analysis.

    Enter scores. Save and enter analysis.

  5. Fill in the boxes for the Section Improvement Plan, as necessary, to recommend any improvements to your sections. Once done, click Save.

    Input text into section improvement plan.

You are finished!

If you'd like, you can click the Post-assessment Actions button under the title of your course, and choose any of these links, depending on what you want to do:

  1. Review per-student assessment results for this course
  2. Review aggregated assessment data for this course
  3. Analyze assessments and report next steps
  4. View roster
  5. View Course Improvement Plan (you won't be able to edit it, though; only coordinators can)

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Chair


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Page last modified: September 10, 2014