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Module 1

Providing Services to students with disabilities--and the matter of Universal Design


As an educator in a postsecondary institution, you have no doubt encountered students with a myriad of disabilities that impact their learning within your classes.  However, as an expert in your particular academic arena, you probably have not had much training around how to best teach and accommodate these students.  Common sense and human empathy may have brought you to the conclusion that a student with a disability needs to be given some special treatment to level the playing field, but you may feel at a loss to know exactly how to do this, to what extent or even why. 

In this module, my colleagues and I will give you an overview of several issues involved when serving students with disabilities in a postsecondary environment, as well as best practices for teaching and accommodating this unique population.  Subsequent modules will detail specific disability areas and discuss each in more depth.  This module in no way presents a comprehensive look at this issue.  Neither of us has the time to delve that deeply into this subject, however, rest assured that those of us in DSPS (Disabled Students Programs and Services) are always available and more than happy to answer specific questions that you may have or address a specific student or particular concern.  We exist for you, as well as for our students.

As you proceed through this presentation, I am particularly interested in what areas interested you, what you already knew and found tedious, or what else you would like to see covered.  I am also interested in your individual stories, especially as they related to ways that you have discovered to effectively teach a special group or individual or a universal design strategy that you use.  Together, we can work to bring about one of the most innovative and accessible campuses in the state.

Thank you for your interest in this topic.  I hope you enjoy it.

Your presenter,
Paula Schoenecker
LD Specialist/DSPS

We are using a pre-/post test method of measuring the effectiveness of this training. Please complete the pre-test, and thanks for your cooperation.


Professional Development

Howard Blumenfeld
Professional Development Coordinator


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