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Bruce Truggles has struggled all his life with education: his disability, poor background, lack of support have all held him back. Now he is taking your course for the third time. If he doesn't pass it, he will lose his financial support from the Department of Rehabilitation.
He seems to understand the material when you go over it in class, but when it comes to the tests, he bombs. He pleads with you to give him a passing grade so he doesn't have to drop out of college. What is your response?
A. It's apparent that his disability is preventing him from doing well on the tests. You don't want to grade him on his disability.  You drop the test grades and pass him on the rest of his work.
B. Your course is not a part of Bruce’s major. You feel he could be successful in a career without mastering the content of your course.  You remove this barrier and allow him to get on with his life by giving him a passing grade.
C. Tests where students have to write answers in a limited time about memorized information is just one measure of evaluation in your class.  They also have the opportunity to complete individual or group projects, utilizing the modes of presentation of their choosing.  They have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the material.
D. Email your preferred response.

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