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You've just announced that your first test is in two days. May Maeket approaches you after class to tell you she has a learning disability and wants to take the test through DSPS so she can get test accommodations. What is your response?

A. Whatever May needs is fine with you.  She can take as much time as she needs, on whatever day is good for her; as long as you get it back within a week.
B. May can take the test with the class; then when time is up, she can move to the room next door and continue to work on it while the class begins on the next chapter.
C. Since speed is not an essential requirement of the course, you give all students as much time as they need to complete your tests.
D. You tell May you are willing to work out test arrangements with her, but she first needs to see a DSPS Counselor or LD Specialist to obtain authorization for accommodations.
E. Email your preferred response.

What is your response?

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