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Fall 2016 Mandatory FLEX Day Materials

You can find links to all relevant Mandatory FLEX Day materials here.

Discussing Race and Gender in Diverse Classrooms: Promoting Equity and Respect (PowerPoint) (Handout)

eLumen Instructions: Student Services (Website)

Faculty Evaluation Training Session (Handout #1) (Handout #2)

Globalizing the Curriculum (PowerPoint) (Handout #1)

Growth Mindset (Handout)

International Travel (Handout #1) (Handout #2)

Las Positas College Plant Identification (Handout)

MLA & APA Across the Curriculum (Handout)

Putting Course SLOs into Practice (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Teaching Men of Color (PowerPoint) (Handout 1) (Handout 2)

Working Together: Sensitive Situations (PowerPoint)

ZOOM: Best Practices in Online Office Hours (PowerPoint)



Professional Development

Howard Blumenfeld
Professional Development Coordinator


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