Student Learning Outcomes For Students

Ever heard the term Student Learning Outcomes, or SLOs, and not known what that means? Well, this page was created to shed some light on this important, yet widely unknown, component of learning.

So, just what are SLOs?

SLOs are essentially broad goals that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes that you are expected to achieve in college. At LPC, SLOs are written for each course, each degree and for the college as a whole. When you finish a course, for example, you should be able to demonstrate that you have mastered the SLOs for that course.

Why are SLOs important?

In the instructional process, SLOs take the focus off teaching and put it on learning. When instructors assess whether or not students mastered the SLOs for their courses, they will have data to support decisions to modify instruction or not. These modifications can lead to new and better teaching methods and strategies, with the ultimate goal of increased learning.

How can they help me?

By knowing what is expected of you, you will be able to better focus your studying. You will also have tangible evidence that verifies your mastery of SLOs, and that evidence can be possibly used to further your education and/or get a job.

What's the difference between an SLO and my final grade?

Grades don't always reflect the skills you obtained by the end of a course. Grades can be partially based on how much homework you turned in, how often you came to class, how much you participated in class discussions, how many spelling errors you made on an essay, etc. SLOs measure how much you really learned.

Is there a list of SLOs for each course at Las Positas?

There sure is. Click here to see that list.

Is there a list of outcomes for each degree and certificate at Las Positas?

Yes. Here's the list.

Is there a list of outcomes for Las Positas as a whole?

Yes. These are called Core Competencies, and you can click here to view those competencies.

How do we know how well students are meeting their SLOs?

Results can be found here.

I heard there's an SLO music video. Can I watch it?

Of course. It was created by former students Helen Nguyen and Matt Wells for a contest. Watch their video.

I also heard there's an SLO song. Can I listen to it?

Sure. Listen to "The SLO Song" here.

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Page last modified: March 25, 2016