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Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC)

What is the ASLPC?

The Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) is LPC's student government. We represent student interests on local, state, and national levels by lobbying legislators, attending conferences, and being members of campus committees. We also put on campus events, fund student clubs, and fund student scholarships. The ASLPC consists of elected or appointed officers and senators who obtain 150 student signatures. The ASLPC is funded by the student activity fee and the student representation fee. For more information, stop by the ASLPC Office located in the Student Center - Room 1709 (next to the Health Center).

Interested in being a Senator?

Each semester a Leadership Class is provided to interested students. For the Fall Semester the courses are:

Leadership Class

GNST 25 (CRN 23288)
1 unit
Instructor: Cynthia Ross
GNST 25L (CRN 23289)
1-3 unit

ASLPC Officers and Senators also have an opportunity to participate on college shared governance committees such as the Food Committee, Student Success, Planning & Budget Committee to name a few. This is an opportunity to become involved and represent your fellow students.

Interested? Please fill out the attached form: Senator Packet2007


ASLPC-ICC Fall 2007 Meeting Dates

2007 - 2008 Club Days & Activities

September 19 Constitution Club Day & Transfer Day
September 26-30 ASGA Conference
October 10 Major Exploration Faire
November 7 Club Day
November 30- Dec 2 ASGA Conference
February 13 Club Day
April 22 ASLPC Elections
April 23 ASLPC Elections & Club Day
TBA SSCCC Conference

Officers Contact Information and Bios

Kayla Moreland President 925.424.1491
Noah Fischer Vice President 925.424.1490
Josh Paul Director of Legislation 925.424.1490
Tina Matin Director of Finance 925.424.1490
VACANT Director of Communications 925.424.1490
Amanda Cervantez Director of Events 925.424.1492
VACANT ICC Chair 925.424.1490
VACANT Director of Public Relations 925.424.1490
Frances Morrissey Student Trustee 925.424.1490
Cynthia Ross Faculty Advisor 925.424.1297

Senator Contact Information

Parliamentarian VACANT 925.424.1490


Mission Statement

The Associated Students of Las Positas College is a non-partisan organization focused on advocacy efforts to promote student involvement on campus and to protect student interests. In line with the mission of Las Positas College, the mission of the Associated Students of Las Positas College is to promote and encourage campus activities, organizations, and services that will foster growth and success, both in students and in the community. This body works with students and represents the student body at the district, state, and federal level. The Associated Students of Las Positas College provides avenues and events to enhance student and community participation and legislative involvement. This body is committed to providing the students of Las Positas College an atmosphere for better learning and personal growth.

The Associated Students of Las Positas College is the campus student government, providing opportunities for students to participate in the governance of the College on both local and statewide levels. Elections of ASLPC officers and senators are held each spring. ASLPC representatives have the opportunity to serve on numerous College committees. The ASLPC may be contacted at 925.424.1490.


ASLPC Agendas


ASLPC Minutes


ASLPC Constitution & By-Laws



Legislation to be aware of:


Vendor Information

Vendor must contact ASLPC Director of Events.

Individuals with Petitions, Referandums or Voter's Registration are to contact the Office of Student Services at 925.424.1406.

Vendor must fill out and return required college paperwork two weeks prior to event in order to secure date.

Vendor Tabling fee is $100. Must be paid prior to event date.

Prior to event, a time and place will be agreed upon to meet on the day of the event. Failure to show up on time for this meeting may result in cancellation of event of a late fee change of $25. As this is a student-based program, students must get to class on time; therefore, punctuality is extremely important.

No selling of credit cards or anything that can place students in financial bind.

Please be aware: Parking Permits are required. It will be the vendor's responsibility to purchase a temporary parking permit from one of the permit kiosks located in most parking lots. Cost is $2 per day.

No vehicles are allowed on campus. Therefore, you will need to cart your materials, equipment and supplies to your assigned tabled.

Vendor may not approach anyone to solicit their product and/or services. Vendor must stay at assigned table and allow individuals to approach them.

Violation of CLPCCD rules and regulations will result in immediate removal from college campus.

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William Garcia
Vice President, Student Services

Julie Thornburg
Executive Assistant
to the
Vice President, Student Services

Michael Schwarz
Interim Dean, Student Services

Ginger Ripplinger
Administrative Assistant
to the
Dean, Student Services

Sylvia Rodriguez
Dean, Enrollment Services

Maria Pena-Bradford
Administrative Asssistant
to the
Dean, Enrollment Services

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