Course Sequences

What is a Course Sequence?

Course sequencing is a series of aligned high school course offerings that may begin in middle schools and students can take ranging from high school and ROP to two-year postsecondary schools.

Course sequences may lead to apprenticeship, certificate courses or degrees, industry certifications or entry into high skill demand jobs. Primary purposes of course sequencing are to increase articulation and collaboration between middle schools, high schools, ROP and community colleges that students might take to support their career.

Each sequence flowchart illustrates to students, parents, counselors, administrators and employers examples of classes students may take to build their career. Each chart also provides examples of careers that are available to the student who complete a course sequence.

The following course sequences are presented for each unified school district career pathway and includes high school, ROP and community college courses available within the sequence.

Course Sequences At A Glance by District - Industry Sector

Industry Sector Dublin
Livermore Pleasanton
Agriculture and Natural Resources   X  
Arts, Media, and Entertainment X X X
Building Trades and Construction X X  
Education, Child Development & Family Services   X X
Energy and Utilities X    
Engineering and Design   X X
Fashion and Interior Design X X  
Finance and Business     X
Health Science and Medical Terminology X   X
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation X X X
Information Technology X    
Manufacturing and Product Development   X  
Marketing, Sales, and Service     X
Public Services X   X
Transportation X X