Software Resources

Following is a list of instructional tutorials and references for software that is currently available for use on the computers within the Las Positas College campus. Additional software resources will be added in the future.


Adobe Software

Acrobat 7 Professional

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional

Creative Suite 2

  • InDesign
    • Tutorial (Part I) - This lesson introduces the Adobe InDesign CS2 program. includes instruction for starting a new document, placing a text file, creating some paragraph styles, placing graphics, and flowing text around a graphic. The measurement system using picas and points is explained. Sample files used in this tutorial: Example PDF file, MS Word file, Graphic file 1, Graphic file 2.
    • Tutorial (Part II) - In this lesson, the user will create a new document, create a new master page, have the tools and some palettes explained. The user will be guided through the creation of two paragraph styles. A graphic, which is supplied, will be placed according to instructions (with the text flowing around it), and a picture of the finished page will be shown on the last page of the guide. Sample files used in this tutorial: MS Word file, Graphic file.
    • Tutorial (Part III) - This lesson provides a template that people can use to place the text that is supplied in a Word document, and then explains how to put it all together and then print it in spreads so that it can be duplex printed (printed front and back) so that it can be folded into a 12-page booklet. Sample files used in this tutorial: MS Word file, Sample PDF file, InDesign file.
  • Photoshop
    • Introduction to Photoshop CS2, Part I - This tutorial contains instructions for scanning images directly into Photoshop from scanners (Mac and PC), gives instructions for cropping and compressing the graphic for Internet viewing, and explains the JPEG and GIF compression formats. Sample files used in this tutorial: Image file 1, Image file 2.
    • Introduction to Photoshop CS2, Part II - This tutorial provides an overview of Photoshop tools. It covers color, file size and resolution, as well as the tools palette and options bar. There are three exercises, one using the marquee selection tool, one using the magic wand selection tool, and one using the magnetic lasso tool. There are also two short exercises. Sample files used in this tutorial: Photoshop file 1, Photoshop file 2, Photoshop file 3.
    • Introduction to Photoshop CS2, Part III - This tutorial covers how to: Choose the correct resolution for scanning a photo; Straighten and crop an image; Adjust the overall contrast or tonal range of an image; Adjust color and tone in portions of an image to emphasize highlights, midtones, or shadows; Sharpen the overall clarity of an image; Adjust an image for its Internet or printed use. Sample files used in this tutorial: Photoshop file 1, Photoshop file 2, Photoshop file 3.


Microsoft Software

Office 2003

Office 2004 (Mac)

Office 2007

Office 2008 (Mac)


Novell Groupwise


Miscellaneous Software and Information


If would like to make a suggestion for future tutorials or informative references, then please email your suggestions to the Technology Department.

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