Technology Department FAQ's


Who should I call to ask for help when it seems like the classroom equipment is not working?

Call our technical support line at extension 925.424.1660.

What are the hours that technical support is available?

Instructional Systems support is available Monday through Friday, from 8am through 5pm. Please be aware that summer semester support hours may vary.

How do I configure my computer so I can print to the Ricoh printers?

Please follow this link for detailed instructions.

Are there instructions available that show how to use the equipment in the classrooms?

There are instructions posted on the wall near the instructor's desk in most classrooms around the campus. Check this page on the LPC Technology Department website for downloadable equipment use instructions.

Why won’t my DVD or VHS tape play through the data projector on the ceiling?

In the newer classrooms, be sure that the correct input has been selected on the white control panel. In the older classrooms, be sure to check that the data projector (using the projector remote) and the A/V switchbox located on the instructor's workstation are currently set to the correct inputs.

Why is the sound not working when I play a video from a DVD or VHS tape, or from the PC or Mac?

In accordance with the classroom instructions, be sure that the audio amplifier unit (where applicable) in the classroom is turned on and that the correct audio input is selected on the A/V switchbox (where applicable) located on the instructor's workstation.

If I am a new instructor at LPC, how can I find out how to log in to the computers in the classroom I will be instructing in?

The best thing that a new instructor can do is to attend the orientation session that is given before each instructional period begins. This session will provide all of the basic information to get you started utilizing the necessary resources around campus, including the classroom equipment. If you forget how to log in to the computers, please call the support line.

How can I find out what equipment is available in a particular classroom?

Check this page on the LPC Technology Department website.

How do I request equipment for a club or special event, or additional equipment in the classroom in which I will be teaching?

Fill out this form electronically on the LPC Technology Department website.

How far in advance do I need to make an equipment request?

Please request equipment for upcoming events at least one week before the event.

What is the wireless network availability on campus?

Currently, the wireless locations are listed on this wireless access map.

Are there any special requirements to connect to the campus wireless network?

All that is required is a laptop with a built-in or external wireless adapter.  The campus wireless network will appear in the wireless configuration utility on your laptop as “LPC.”  Anti-virus software is also recommended when connecting to the Internet.

What is the difference between Instructional Systems and Instructional Technology?

Instructional Systems mainly supports the equipment in the classrooms and computer labs. It includes all of the college's technicians and is located in building 1900.

Instructional Technology mainly supports faculty and staff who want to learn how to teach with technology. Instructional Technology includes the Teaching and Learning Center staff in room 2410.


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017