Wireless Network on Las Positas Campus

Las Positas College is pleased to offer students the use of a free wireless network connection on campus.  As of October 26th 2007, the network named LPC appears as a choice on your list of available wireless networks in certain areas of campus.

This is the initial step in providing wireless access to our campus and to collect usage statistics to assist us in implementing the District-wide initiative to offer wireless in all classrooms and buildings. 

To use this network, you will need a computer equipped with a wireless network card that can connect using the standard 802.11 b, g or n access methods.  Most laptops come equipped with a wireless card like this.  Go into your wireless configuration utilities to select the LPC name. 

Use of the LPC network will be monitored for hacker activity or unusual usage.  Though monitored, this wireless access is open to anyone who brings their laptop to campus.  We would also ask that you exercise the same degree of caution to protect your laptop against hacking or attacks as you would if you were using your laptop on a free wireless connection at a coffee shop, hotel or airport.  This includes the implementing firewalls, anti-virus software and secure logons on your laptop. 

Wireless Access Map

Wireless Access Map

Printable Wireless Access Map (111K PDF)

Connecting to the LPC wireless network

Follow these simple steps to connect to the wireless network on the LPC campus:

from Windows XP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4. In the Windows XP Wireless connection utilities, LPC will appear as an available unsecured wireless network.  Simply, click on the LPC name to connect and you’ll be joined to the network.  Internet access should now be available. 

from Ubuntu 7.10: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5.

Recommended Firewall & Virus Protection Software

It is strongly recommended that students run a personal firewall.

Virus software Personal Firewall Anti-Spyware
Norton Anti-virus (Windows) Windows Firewall Microsoft Anti Spyware (free)
McAfee Virus Scan (Windows) Norton Personal Firewall Spy Sweeper Webroot
Sophos Anti-virus (Windows,Mac,Unix) Zone Alarm (free edition) Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition
AVG Anti-virus (Windows)   McAfee Internet Security Suite

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