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The Biology AA Degree program prepares a student to become a biologist and in this field may study the origin and evolution, development, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, ecology, behavior, and other basic principles of plants, animals and other living organisms. Various areas of specialization are available to biologists in academic and industrial research, manufacturing, teaching, health care, natural resource management, public policy, consulting, administration, and organizations such as zoos, aquaria, museums, and parks.

The Chemistry AS Degree program prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions for continued study in the field of chemistry or for pre-professional studies for medical and dental programs.

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Society for Developmental Biology - Home
The purpose of the Society for Developmental Biology is to further the study of development in all organisms and at all levels, to represent and promote communication among studentsmand to promote the field of developmental biology.
Welcome to
The Society's objective is to provide for the exchange of scientific knowledge in the area of cell biology.
Cell and Molecular Biology Online - Professional Societies and Organizations
An informational resource for cell and molecular biologists, Professional Societies and Organizations.
The Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology advances biological science through collaborative advocacy for research policies. A coalition of independent member societies that serve the interest of biomedical and life scientists, particularly those related to public policy issues.


This site has links to many sources of MSDS. The site evaluates the quantity and quality of Material Safety Data Sheets that may be accessed from each site.
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
The home page for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. UIPAC is the rule making body for nomenclature and other aspects affecting publication of information in chemistry.

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