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University/College Representative Visits


Las Positas College provides the opportunity for students to visit with representatives from many colleges. Students may
sign up to meet with a representative to learn about their transfer opportunities.

The following university representatives will be on
campus to assist you with information about transferring.

**This schedule will be updated periodically and is subject to change.


CSU East Bay- Jan. 30, Feb. 14, Mar. 5 & 21,
Apr.19 & 24, -
Time: 9:30-2:30*

CSU Sacramento- April 3, 2012- Time: 10-3*

CSU San Francisco- March 28, 2012- Time: 10-2*

UC Berkeley- Feb. 1, Apr. 5, May 8, 2012- Time: 10-2:30*

UC Santa Cruz- May 3, 2012- Time: 10-2*

Academy of Art- Jan. 26, 2012- (B1700) Time: 10-1

Brandman Univ- Feb. 13, Mar. 21, May 17, 2012 -(B1700) Time: 11-1

Devry University- Feb. 7, 2012- (B1700) Time: 10-1

JFK University- Feb. 23, Mar. 13, Apr. 19, May 1, 2012- (B1700) Time: 10-1

Southern Oregon University- Mar. 27, 2012- (B1700) Time: 10-2

ST. Mary's College- Jan. 25, Feb. 22, Mar. 8, Apr. 26, May. 16, 2012-Time: 10-1*

* These representatives will meet with students in the Career/Transfer Center- Bld. 900
(B1700)- is our student center (cafeteria) - No appointments necessary

Look for announcements around campus with information
about college visits. Please feel free to sign up at that time to see a representative from the college of your choice. If all of the appointments are booked for that day, you can drop in during the time the rep is scheduled. **Please note that you may have to wait to be seen on drop-in appointments.



To schedule an appointment to see a representative

This schedule is subject to change and will be updated periodically.



Transfer Center
Room 1604

Fall 2016 Hours

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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By Appointment

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(Center may be temporarily closed during breaks and meetings.)


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017