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The transfer process works because there is a partnership between YOU, the student, Las Positas staff, and the transfer universities.

Getting Started on the Transfer Process

  • Decide on a major as soon as possible by exploring classes in specific disciplines or support courses such as Psychology 10 (Career/Educational Planning) your first semester.
  • Meet with a Las Positas counselor to develop your Student Educational Plan. You can plan to transfer and complete an Associate Degree at Las Positas with just a little planning.
  • Complete math, speech and English as soon as possible as these are minimum eligibility requirements to transfer.
  • Research which schools offer your major, meet the representatives and visit the schools.
  • Read catalogs and use ASSIST for entrance, major, and graduation requirements!
  • Attend transfer related workshops and apply on time to the four-year universities.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements are NOT ENOUGH for impacted majors and impacted campuses.

Discuss Your Plans with a Counselor

  • Visit the Financial Aid office in Building 1500 and keep current on scholarships, which usually require two letters of recommendation and an essay.
  • Take advantage of the Las Positas College Tutorial Center located in Building 1000. There is no fee for the support services so receive help early on in your coursework.
  • Visit with your Las Positas faculty on their office hours and talk with them about your future plans. When you transfer to a four-year university your department faculty that will become your educational advisors.
  • Join some clubs at Las Positas College such as Alpha Gamma, Transfer Club or Future Teacher's Club. Be an active part of Las Positas College Associated Student government. Las Positas College also offers Honor's courses, which provide depth to your academic program.
  • Drop by The Career/Transfer/Employment Center, Building 900 to keep current on events organized through the Center. Meet with representatives, attend workshops, talk with the staff and use technology to explore options.

Final Steps of the Transfer Process

  • Get your GE/IGETC certified the semester prior to transferring by meeting with a counselor and then filling out the form in Admissions. Request final transcripts to be sent to your transfer university after your last coursework has been completed. This usually need to be received by July 15.
  • Petition for your AA/AS degree when you have completed your final coursework. To participate in June graduation you must apply in early March.
  • Attend the orientation at your transfer university. You will meet with a faculty advisor and this is the time to discuss minor and options within your major. You will also learn more about other requirements such as the upper division general education courses.
  • CSU campuses require the Graduation Writing Skills test, schedule to take that as soon as possible.
    It will be recommended that the incoming students take ENG 1B (LPC ENG 3). SJSU will also honor:
    (LPC ENG 4 or 7 ) at the Community Colleges otherwise they will need to take it on SJSU campus before completing the WST (WRITING SKILLS TEST - WHICH IS A 4 YEAR GRADUATION REQUIREMENT) and receiving test scores.
  • You do not have to take the English Placement Test (EPT) or the Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM) since, as a transfer student, you have completed these college level courses with a "C" or better grade.
  • CSU campuses requests all students show proof of immunization against measles and rubella. If you don't have verification, you can receive the immunization at the health department at your four-year university.
  • Check into housing at the four-year university prior to being admitted so you have more options available to you.
  • Settle in at your new campus by exploring the support services available to you.
  • Enjoy the next two years and the Las Positas staff wishes you much success upon receiving your four-year degree.

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Page last modified: October 12, 2017