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Before hiring a private tutor, please read this introduction. Thank you!

  • This is a community service only.
  • A name listed here does not constitute knowlege of the tutor, a recommendation, or availablity.
  • The tutors listed below work locally and privately in Livermore and/or the Tri-Valley.
  • There are no students presently tutoring at LPC on this list. They are listed for summer school only.
  • These tutors usually make on-line requests for their names be listed. Most are unknown by the LPC Tutorial Center.

NOTE: From time to time reports come from tutors who are receiving scams. If you receive an email written in poor English (or from another country) requesting a lengthy period of tutoring for a child, please disregard it


Important regulations regarding private tutoring:

  1. Las Positas College assumes no accountability or liability for any information, expressed or implied, contained herein. We reserve the right to add to or delete names from this list at any time.
  2. Due to liability issues: All private sessions must be done off campus. No private sessions may be held in the Tutorial Center or on the LPC campus.
  3. If you wish to remain on the list, please send us your updated information in August of each year. Depending on staffing, we may no longer be calling to see if you want to remain on this list. Information that has not been updated in August may be removed.

If you encounter a problem with a tutor listed below, please feel free to email

If you wish to be listed as a private tutor: Send an email with your information and a statement of agreement to the above regulations to One line per tutor (on editing page) . Information may be shortened to fit line limitation. Private tutors only; no tutoring centers or organizations.

Key: * indicates the tutor was trained at LPC. LPC Instructor indicates this person teaches at LPC. + check with tutor for more available cities or subjects.


Elementary and Middle School Tutors

David Allen, 925-961-7544, Tri-Valley, writing, reading, math. Rate negotiable.

Christina Clark, 925-596-0292 Tri-Valley. Dyslexia ADD, language delays, auditory processing. Rate negotiable

Ruth Conza, 925-399-2980, Livermore. All levels Spanish. Rate negotiable

Kim Ferguson, 925-339-0690, Tri-Valley Writing, Reading, Math, Spanish, ESL Rate: $25-$40/hr.

Philip Fong, 510-220-5528, All math to Algebra, Rate: negotiable $20-$25,

Gloria Garza, 925-931-0913, Tri-Valley, Elementary Spanish, ESL, English, Rate negotiable.

*Mark Homer, 925-294-1540, Tri-Valley. All levels of math. Rate: $35/hr

Michelle Kumamoto, 925-337-1266, Tri-Valley, Basic math-Calculus, Rate: $60+/hr

Deepak Kulkarni, 925-487-1691, Tri-Valley. Math: National math contests, Mathcounts, AMC8. Rate: $20 per hour.

Kelly Lim 925-699-9927, Tri Valley, Common Core, Math, English, Rate: $50/hr. and up

Nicole Naramura, Tri-Valley. Math and Science, Rate: $30+/hr,

Saralynn Ness, 650-248-7831, Tri-Valley. Common Core, Algebra, Geometry. Rate negotiable.

*Sarah Tuuri, 925-223-7016, Tri-Valley. English, Spanish, History. Rate: $25+$5 gas.

Gustavo Veran, 925-426-5009, Dublin-Pleasanton. French & Spanish, Rate negotiable.

Melissa Weedin, Tri-Valley. Writing, reading, study skills, and public speaking. $50/hour.

Tiffany Yu, Castro Valley, Dublin, Pleasanton. Math & English. Rate: $30/hr.


High School and College


English and Foreign Languages


David Allen, 925-961-7544, Tri-Valley, Brentwood W riting/reading. Rate negotiable.

Ramona Antonioni-Krausnick, 925-560-9953, Tri-Valley; English, ESL, Italian. Rate negotiable.

*Luke Bateson, 925-518-8602 Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, English Literature, Composition, SAT Reading/Writing, TOEFL, ESL. Rate: $40/hr

Steve Chiolis, 925-242-1000 (X2969), LPC instructor, Livermore, Writing & lit Rate: $40/hr

Ruth Conza, 925-399-2980, Livermore. All levels Spanish. Rate negotiable

Chad Ellingsworth, LPC Instructor, Tri-Valley, English 1A, 4, 7, ESL. Rate: $40/negotiable

Kim Ferguson, 925-339-0690, Tri-Valley, Writing, Reading, Spanish I & II, ESL Rate: $35-$65/hr.

Bea Founas, 949-295-3291, Tri-Valley, French (all levels) Rate: $35/hr.

Gloria Garza, 925-931-0913, Tri-Valley, Spanish, ESL, English, Rate negotiable.

Max Gershman, 925-219-7185, Tri-Valley. Calculus, Stats, Algebra, Geometry,

Ms. Hediding, 925-475-9168. Tri-Valley. French. All levels. Native Speaker. Rate negotiate.

Joel Hicks, 714-322-0902, Tri-Valley, French (all levels), Rate negotiable.

Kyra, 925-339-8370,Tri-Valley to SanRamon, English/Writing, French, German, Rate: $30-40/hr

Maegan McGee, Tri-Valley, English, Writing, All levels of Spanish, Rate: $40/ hour

*Guillermina Montiel, Tri-Valley. Spanish. Rate negotiable.

Heike Schaffner, Tri-Valley, German, Rate negotiable.

Koren Soule, 510-648-1509, Livermore, Spanish-all levels, Rate negotiable.

Kathleen Stevens (925)294-8981, Tri-Valley & Tracy area.Writing, Sociology, Human Development. Rate negotiable.

*Sarah Tuuri, 925-223-7016, Tri-Valley. Spanish. Rate: $25+$5 gas outside Livermore.

Cristina Williams, 925-518-5414, Tri-Valley, Italian and French. Native Speaker. Rate negotiable.





David Allen, 925-961-7544, Tri-Valley +, Algebra, geometry. Rate: negotiable.

*Luke Bateson, 925-518-8602, Tri-Valley, Math: basic thru pre-calc, stats, SAT Prep Rate: $40/hr

Peter Baumgart, 408-256-2286, Tri-Valley. All math, rate $40-60. Email:

Chad Cabrera, Tri Valley, Basic math to Advanced Algebra, Rate $25/hour,

Les Colligon, 209-914-5263, Tracy, Manteca, Tri-Valley, All math, SAT. Rate: $60/hr.

Tessa Eckenfelder, 925-322-1276,East Bay. Algebra-Pre Calculus. Rate $65/hr

Lucy Edwards, 925-373-0276 LPC instructor, Livermore. Basic math thru calculus, Rate: negotiable.

Kim Ferguson, 925-339-0690, Tri-Valley Math, Algebra Rate: $25-$40/hr.

Alaynah Fiedler925-548-3763, Tri-Valley. Pre-algebra to Statistics. Rate negotiable.

Philip Fong, 510-220-5528, All math to Algebra, Rate: negotiable $20-$25,

Max Gershman, 925-219-7185, Tri-Valley. Calculus, Stats, Algebra, Geometry,

*Mark Homer, 925-294-1540, Tri-Valley. All levels of math. Rate: $35/hr

Hank Irwin, 925-719-3730, East Bay, Algebra-Calculus, Stats, Trig & physics, Rate: $20 intro.

Sudhir Kamath, 818-515-6574,Tri-Valley+, All math- Calculus and Test Prep . rate: negotiable

Beau Kramer,925-216-7865, Tri-Valley, Math. Rate: $40/hr.

Michelle Kumamoto, 925-337-1266, Tri-Valley, Basic math-Calculus, SAT, ACT prep, Rate: $60+/hr

Deepak Kulkarni, 925-487-1691, Tri-Valley, Math, AP Statistics-High School. Rate: negotiable

Kelly Lim 925-846-9926, Tri Valley. Math, statistics, economics, Rate: $40/hr,

Bradley Johnson, Tri-Valley, Math thru calculus 1, Rate: negotiable,

Michael McDermott, 925-997-9563, Pleasanton and San Ramon, All Math thru Algebra II, Rate: $45/hour,

Maegan McGee, Tri-Valley,Algebra, Geometry, Rate: $40/ hour

Doug Moore, 925-858-5842 Tri-Valley.Algebra, geometry & pre-calc Rate: $60/hr.

Nicole Naramura, Tri-Valley. Basic Math to Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Rate: $30+/hr,

Saralynn Ness, 650-248-7831, Tri-Valley. Basic math - Calculus. Rate negotiable.

Galen Novello, 510-551-3231, Livermore/Pleasanton, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Diff Eqs, Statistics. Rate: Negotiable.

*Ginny Orr, 925-449-4212, Tri-Valley. Pre-algebra though intermediate algebra. Rate: $30/hr

*Taha Rizvi, 209-855-1079, Tri-Valley, Stats, SAT, Math (Algebra-Diff Eq), Rate: negotiable.

Rina Santos, LPC Instructor, Tri-Valley. Basic-Precalcus & Statistics. Rate: $40/hr

Jacqueline Shaffer, 925-519-1068. Pre-algebra, algebra & Statistics. Rate: negotiable.

Khaled Suleiman, Tri-Valley+. All Math & statistics, Rate negotiable

Tiffany Yu, CV, Tri-Valley. Middle & High School Math & English. Rate $25/hr.



Lori Culberson, Livermore, Chemistry, $40/hour.

Tessa Eckenfelder, 925-322-1276,East Bay. Chemistry, Biology. Rate $65/hr

Akanksha Gupta, Tri Valley, Organic & General Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Volunteer,

Santosh Gupta, LPC instructor, Tracy, Manteca area, General & AP Chemistry, $40/hr

Ronnie Li, (408) 306-7107, Pleasanton, General Chemistry, Rate: $20,

Kelly Lim 925-846-9926, Tri Valley. Biology, Chemistry (APs) Rate $40/hr.,

Doug Moore, 925-858-5842 Tri-Valley, Chemistry, Geology Rate $60+ up.

Nicole Naramura, Tri-Valley. Inorganic Chemistry, Biology, Rate: $30+/hr,

*Taha Rizvi, 209-855-1079, Tri-Valley, Physics, Rate: negotiable.

Cristina Williams, 925.518.5414, Tri-Valley, Biology. Rate: negotiable.


Other subjects


Stephanie Acosta 301-366-9177, Tri-Valley, English, Writing, ESL, US Government. $35/hr.

*Luke Bateson, 925-518-8602 Tri-Valley, Economics, Business, Accounting, TestPrep, Civics. Rate: $40/hr

Peter Baumgart, 408-256-2286, Tri-Valley. SAT Prep, Physics & Engineering, rate $40-60. Email:

Steven Chiolis, 925-242-1000, LPC instructor, Humanities & Philosophy. Rate: $40

Beau Kramer,925-216-7865, Tri-Valley, Economics, and Finance. Rate: $40/hr.

Shweta Kumari, Pleasanton, Accounting, Economics. Rate negotiable.

Kyra, 925-339-8370, Tri-Valley to SanRamon, Humanities/ArtHistory, Psychology Rate: $30-40/hr

Philip LaScola, 925-447-9800 Livermore. Accounting and Business Math, Rate negotiable.

Kathleen Stevens (925)294-8981 Tri-Valley & Tracy area. Sociology, Human Development. Rate negotiable.




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