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Blogs aren’t only for spreading the latest celebrity gossip and staying current with the newest fashion trends. Many bloggers write about serious issues and share personal experiences and advice that can be useful to a wider audience.

Personal finance is a popular subject on many blogs. It’s also an important subject for students, and they can learn from the information and tips discussed on many personal finance blogs. Because students are more likely to get information from their favorite blogs rather than the daily newspaper, financial literacy educators might want to guide their students to some of these blogs.

From budgeting tips to advice on how to live more frugally, personal finance blogs cover a wide variety of topics that students can take to heart. Most are written in a casual tone, and the content is relatable, useful, and often entertaining.

These blogs are typically maintained by average people with common money problems — not by financial gurus with loads of cash. Some are written by recent college graduates or current students.

After reading these, students might be inspired to write about their own personal finances as an effective way to help keep their finances in order and maintain their money goals.

Below is a list of seven of the most-visited personal finance blogs on the Web and the titles of some popular posts from each.

The Simple Dollar: Financial talk for the rest of us

According to its author, The Simple Dollar is for people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future and still affording a latte or two. The blog is an exploration of personal finance from the perspective of a reformed spending maniac that realized he needed to get a grip on his money.

Get Rich Slowly: Personal finance that makes cents

Get Rich Slowly — recently named “most inspiring money blog” by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. The author shares stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. Readers will also find links to personal finance tools and articles.

My Money Blog

As the name suggests, this site is about the author’s money — how he makes more of it, tries to spend less of it, and invests it. The author has been documenting his progress toward financial freedom since 2004.

Grad Money Matters — Musing about money matters

The author started blogging soon after graduating when he or she was struck by the realization that in the real world, money matters.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity — Earn more. Save more. Live more. Enjoy more.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is a personal finance blog where the author discusses all kinds of money matters. Readers will enjoy the posts from this personal finance novice who struggles to understand some complex and confusing financial

Wise Bread — Living large on a small budget

Wise Bread is a community of bloggers that can help its readers live large on a small budget. Among other things, the blog claims to help readers discover career and money-making ideas that'll add zeros to their bank account, and general adulthood
know-how their parents forgot to tell them.

Neville's Financial Blog — Tracking the road to financial success from the age of 22 (now 25)

The author, a recent college graduate, originally started this blog for the sole purpose of keeping track of his financial goals and status. He uses the blog to reflect on financial events in his life and often tries to help others learn something new.

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