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Careers in Viticulture and Winery Technology

Both established vineyards and new developments need well-trained personnel to work the vines, apply sprays and fertilizers, make irrigation decisions, and ensure efficiently running vineyard equipment.

Individual courses fill gaps in knowledge or enhance expertise for interested home enthusiasts.

In the Winery:

wine barrel
  • winemaker
  • wine analysis lab technician
  • production supervisor
  • winery equipment supervisor
  • quality control and assurance

In the Vineyard:

  • vineyard manager
  • vine nursery management
  • vineyard design and development
  • pest control
  • crew supervisor
  • equipment supervisor
  • research viticulturist




Beyond the Vineyard:

  • grape buyer
  • equipment supplier
  • sales
  • financial advisor
  • hospitality personnel
  • real estate/broker, sales



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