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DRAFT Web Principles, Standards & Guidelines

Principles For the Web

Las Positas College strives to achieve accuracy, usability, accessibility and functionality with its website. It is essential that we adhere to a series of guiding principles and standards to maintain consistency throughout our website. The guiding principles for the website are:

  1. Ensure that the website is easy to use, and does what users need.
  2. Organize information and navigation in a way that is meaningful to the user, creating a user-centered website.
  3. Create a parallel between the online and on-campus experience with consistent language and content, e.g. "Student Services"
  4. Ensure that current, accurate information is posted on the website.
  5. Enable and empower individual staff members with the responsibility to maintain content on websites for their specific departments or areas.
  6. Structure the web pages and templates in web-standards format.


The following standards represent how websites will uphold the guiding principles.

  1. Only college employees will be granted direct access for creating and/or maintaining institutional websites at Las Positas College. Access to an institutional website requires a valid web account.
  2. In order for an institutional and/or a departmental website to be created and kept up-to-date, it must have at least one content coordinator with a valid web account who will actively maintain it and be responsible for its content.
  3. The college Webmaster is not responsible for maintaining the content of websites that have a specific content coordinator and web account associated with them.
  4. A web account and its password cannot be shared, transferred, or exchanged with anyone else, including any web assistants (if used), unless previously approved and arranged by the college Webmaster.
  5. All content coordinators are responsible for maintaining the content of their websites, and adhering to the Web Style Guide.
  6. The following types of websites will reside on the following web servers:
    1. Institutional and departmental websites will reside on the college's primary institutional web server (
    2. Instructional websites will reside on the college's primary faculty web server (
  7. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Contribute are the only supported software web tools for institutional, departmental and instructional websites. For instructionally bases websites, faculty should consult with Scott Vigallon, the Instructional Technology Coordinator.
  8. Websites must include the LPC logo, LPC name, and a link to the disclaimer.
  9. The Las Positas College logo must not be modified in any way.


  1. Institutional and departmental websites hosted on the public web server ( are encouraged to use the default template for all of their web pages and adhere to the Web Style Guide.
  2. Academic disciplines may choose to create a website with an alternate design, e.g. Visual Communications.
  3. Websites with an alternate design must have a valid web account and at least one content coordinator who will actively maintain the website and be responsible for its content.
  4. Alternate designs must include the following:
    1. Las Positas College logo
    2. Las Positas College name
    3. Link to the website disclaimer
  5. A committee will review Websites using an alternate design. The committee members will include the Public Information Officer, a member of the Outreach committee and the Webmaster. The committee will review the alternate website designs for the following criteria:
    1. Compliance with Section 508/Web Accessibility
    2. Las Positas College logo
    3. Las Positas College name
    4. Link to the website disclaimer
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Page last modified: November 03, 2009