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Video Recordings Available in the Learning Resource Center

Some Suggestions for ESL Students Beginning through Advanced

Africans in America .MV 22705, pts.1-4 with guide PBS, 1998.
Slavery and United States History. Narrated by Angela Bassett.

American Sons. MV22862 NAATA, 1996.
This film is a provocative examination of how racism shapes the lives of Asian American men. Asian American actors tell real stories based on interviews with Asian Americans addressing such issues as hate, violence, the stereotypes placed on Asian men, and psychological damage that racism causes over generations

Art of Listening. MV 22161 Learning Seed, 1993
Uses family and workplace situations to teach good listening techniques. Illustrates the surprising value of silence, the need to find something of interest in the person speaking, and the importance of staying out of the speaker's way. Emphasized the role of body language in listening and the need to listen between the words for feelings.

The Battle of the Alamo. MV 21460 A & E Home video, 1993.
Confronts the truth and controversy behind the desperate defense of the Alamo. It examines the impulsive heroics, the fatal miscalculations, and vain ambitions of the heroes, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Bennet Travis, who carved their marks in American folklore.

Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World. MV 21856 A&E Home Videos, 1994.
Biography of the American Renaissance man. An inventor and civie leader, he became a revolutionary at age 70. As a statesman, he was appointed America's first ambassador to France and became the chief architect of the Treaty of Paris.

Beyond Barbed Wire. MV22861 Mac and Ava Picture, 1997.
Recounts the personal sacrifices and untold stories of heroism displayed by the Japanese American soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence service who fought for America while their families were held in internment camps

Birthwrite, Growing up Hispanic. MV 22819. Cinema Guild, 1988.
Examines the work of several Hispanic-American writers and how their poems, short stories, and novels reflect what it means to grow up Hispanic in America. Discusses influences on their writing including the oral traditions of the Hispanic community, their creative methods and specific themes, Includes: Edward Rivera, Alberto R'ios, Rolando Hinojose, Nicholasa Mohr, Judith Ortiz Coifer, Lorna Dee Cervantes.

Bittersweet. MV 22813. Cinema Guild, 1994.
Interviews with East Indians living in the United States and with Americans of East Indian descent are inter-cut with fictional exchanges between members of an Indian-American family.

Century of Women. MV 21459 pt.1-3 Turner Home Entertainment, 1994.
Tells the story of women in the 20th century--how they lived, loved, worked, played, and most importantly, changed the course of American history.

Children of the Camps. MV 22840. NAATA, 1999
During WWII more that half of the 120,000 Americans of Japanese decent were "Evacuated" to American concentration camps were children. In this documentary six Japanese Americans who were incarcerated as children in the camps reveal their experiences, cultural and familial issues during incarceration, the long internalized grief and shame they felt and how this early trauma manifested itself in their adult lives.

The Color of Fear. MV 22588. Stir-Fry Productions, 1994
Eight North American men of different races talk together about how racism affects them.

Come See the Paradise. MV 22756 Twentieth Century -Fox 1991.
Staring Dennis Quaid and Tamlyn Tomita. Set against the background of a controversial period in American history, the internment of Japanese-American during WWII, this film is a love story of an Irish-American man and Japanese-American woman.

Cowgirls. MV 22703 Direct Cinema Ltd. 1987.
This is a documentary about modern day cowgirls from six to sixth. They ride, rope, and tough out the elements as well as the cowboys do.

Destination America. MV 22053 pt.1-9. Thames Television/Films for Humanities & Sciences, 1992
During the 19th and early 20th century, different ethnic groups of European immigrants came to the United States. While their assimilation was often difficult, they or their descendants prospered and contributed to life in the United States.

Diverse Roots, Diverse Forms: Six Latino Artists in the US. MV22110 Philip Morris Co. 1994.
Profiles six contemporary Hispanic artists working in the U.S.

Domino: Interracial people and the search for indetity. MV 22239 Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1995.
Portrays the stories of 6 interracial people, exploring issues of identity, cultural isolation, and the search for community.

Donner Party MV21990 w/guide. PBS Video, 1992.
Chronicles the tale of the pioneer group that set out for California in the spring of 1846 and ended in disaster in the snows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains the following winter.

Easy English: Understanding basic conversation. MV 21941 Video Tutor, 1995.
Helps to understand basic English conversation. Includes a glossary of vocabulary and grammatical forms.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Restless Spirit. MV22104 A&E Home Video, 1994.
With her own radio program and daily newspaper column, Eleanor Roosevelt championed racial equality, youth employment, and women's rights and gained the admiration of the world.

The Era of Segregation. MV 22683 with guide Knowledge Unlimited, 1993.
A history of the pre-integration southern United States during the 1940's and 1950's. Includes interviews with Clifton L. Taulbert, the author of Once upon a time when we were colored. Provides historical photographs and footage. Shows a community that faced adversity and held together with dignity and grace.

Exiles. MV 22825 University of California. Extension Media, 1983.
An account of the problems that are encountered by American Indians who live in urban areas and are caught between two conflicting cultures, by showing 12 hours in the lives of a group living in Los Angeles.

Frederick Douglas. MV 22022. PBS Video, 1994.
Archival materials and Douglas' autobiographical writings are used to present the story of his life.

Frederick Douoglass: When the Lion Wrote History. MV22175 Films for the Humanities, 1996.
Archival materials and Douglass' autobiographical writings are used to present the story of his life.

From a Different Shore: An American Identity. MV 2226 Films for the Humanities, 1996.
Examines the experience of Japanese immigrants in the U.S. including the internment of many during World War II.

George Washington: Founding Father. MV 21858 A&E Home Video, 1994.
From his youth of privilege to his inauguration as the nation's first President, here is George Washington's remarkable life.

Great women in American History. MV 22697 Educational Distributors of America, 1996.
Abigail Adams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart.

Hoop Dreams. MV 21783. Turner Home Entertainment, 1995.
Documentary that follows two boys from tough Chicago neighborhoods who have dreams of being professional basketball players.

Harry S. Truman. MV22102 A&E Home Video, 1994.
Traces Truman's life from Independence Mo. to his presidency at a moment of national crisis, through the trials of war and establishing a framework for peace.

History of the Negro Soldier. MV22133 Alpha Video, 1995
Originally issued in 1944 by the War Department, Special Service Division, Army Service Forces as a 16mm motion picture. It traces the role of the Negro soldier in American history from 1776 to 1944 focusing on the accomplishments of Negro troops.

Homefront. MV22793
(1941-1945) The shock of Pearl Harbor awoke America from its dream of isolationism. As troops went overseas and industry ramped up to supply the urgent need for was materials, a new wave of southern blacks migrated north and west to fill the workforce, along with millions of women. This program discusses the effects of World War II on the home-front, spotlighting the wars impact as a catalyst for economic and demographic and social change.

In Service to America. MV 22729 Dane Hansen Productions. 199-
Recounts the tales of women who disguised themselves as men to fight in the Civil War, is tells of the critical and often dangerous history of military nurses and of the earliest enlisted women.

Inside the California Missions. MV 21458. Cultural Videos, 1992.
A tour of the 21 California missions extending from San Diego to north of San Francisco. These missions were founded by Franciscan friars between 1769 and 1823.

Japanese Relocation. MV22237 Zenger Video
Presents the U.S. Government's 1943 official explanation for the removal of 110,000 persons of Japanese descent from the Pacific Coast and their relocation in the Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Lakota Woman. MV 22086 Turner Home Entertainment, 1994.
This is the inspiring, true story of the 1973 uprising that united Native Americans in their fight for survival. One woman rises from ignorance and feat to meet the challenge of her proud heritage during a bloody siege in which 2.000 Native Americans stood their ground and vowed to never be silent again.

Language and Communication. MV 22234 Insight Media, 1983.
Shows how the feelings and aspirations of every culture are expressed in the sounds and movements which constitute language.

Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the New Frontier, MV 22608 A&E Television Networks, 1995.
The exciting adventure of Meriwether Lewis and Wlliam Clark, who risked their lives and journeyed over 8,000 miles to chart the overland route to Oregon.

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. MV 22471 PBS Video 1997.
Documentary on the Lewis and Clark expedition through the American West.

Little Italy. MV 22433 UC Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, 1996.
Documents how Italian immigrants settled in American around the turn of the century and their struggle with discrimination. Focuses on Italian culture, customs, and traditions.

Let the Women Vote. MV 22690 BWE Videl, 1998.
In the territories of the Western Frontier, women first won the right that America han long denied them, the right to vote.

Malcom X, Make it Plain. MV 21989 pt.1-3 w/guides. PBS Video, 1993.
A film biography of the Black Muslim leader, Malcom X. Uses interviews, archival footage, photographs, and an original score to tell his story.

Making A's in College: Everything you need to know to make good grades in College. MV 21736 pt1-2 w/guide Workbooks Press, 1994.
Examines effective strategies designed to prepare students for making good grades in college.

Memory Skills. MV 22008 w/guide. Learning Seed, 1991.
Designed to teach viewers how to improve their ability to remember important data.

Memory Skills. MV 22240 Nebraska Educational Television Council for Higher Education, 1991.
Introduces basic memory and learning principles and provides specific memory strategies to hope students improve their ability to learn and remember content matter.

Mississippi, America. MV 22099 PBS Video, 1996.
Narrated by Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, this video covers the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Native Americans. MV 22007 pt.1-6 Ambrose Video, 1994.
Each segment focuses on a different geographic section of the U.S. Within each segment, a group of native American tribal leaders from that region is brought together as a council to act as a bridge between the past and the present. They share their rich histories and talk about the continuum of values, ideas and culture that survives among native peoples in the country.

One woman, One vote. MV 21995 pt.1-2 w/guide. PBS Video, 1995.
Documents the 70 year struggle for women's suffrage which culminated in the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. Historical footage is enhanced with vocal performances, and interviews with historians provided the viewer with both current and historical perspectives.

Secrets of the Bay. MV 22754. Independent Documentary Group, 1990.
Reveals the magnificant wildlife hidden among the human inhabitants of the San Francisco Bay area.

Sitting Bull & the Great Sioux Nation. MV 21462 A & E Home Video, 1993.
Tells the story of the mighty Sioux Nation that roamed the Great Plains, led by their spiritual leader, Sitting bull. This medicine man guided his people to numerous victories over the U.S. Cavalry, and was responsible for their change in fighting tactics, which brought them victory over Custer.

Sojourn Earth. MV 21476 Chip Taylor Communications, 1995.
Through the eyes of a "visitor" from another planet, see the natural beauty of the earth and the need for environmental responsibility.

Southern Injustice: The murder of Medgar Evers. MV 21881 Ambrose Video, 1994.
The assassination of Medgar Evers is placed within the context of race relations in Mississippi at mid-century by means of archival photography; interviews with Myrlie Evers and convicted murderer Byron de la Bechwith; and reenactments of the murder trial scenes.

Speeches of Famous Women. MV 22094 MPI Home Video, 1995.
Traces the progression of the women's movement in the 20th century with speeches from suffragettes through senators.

Stand and Deliver. MV 22077 Warner Brothers/Warner Home Video, 1995.
Originally released in 1988 as a motion picture starring Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rosana De Soto, and Andy Garcia. The story of Jaime Escalante, a math teacher at East L.A."s Garfiend high school, who pushes and inspires 18 students to excel in math.

Starting Over. MV 22799
The women's and civil rights movements, begun decades earlier, and as controversial as ever, continued to evolve during the nation's Bicentennial period (1976-1980). This program focuses on the changing momentum of the movements spurred by the Love Canal disaster, the developing political power of Christians and gays, the controversies that arose over affirmative action and busing, the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the development of OPEC.

Starting Over. MV22841. KCSM-TV, 1996.
Documents the struggle of Japanese Americans as they resettled throughout the US following their incarceration in relocation camps during World War II.

Texas Rangers: Manhunters of the old West. MV 21461 A & E Home Video, 1992.
Stephan F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers in 1826 to protect American settlers in the Texas territory. Later the Rangers turned to upholding the law. This is their story.

This Way to an A. MV 21778 Cambridge Educational, 1992.
Helps students to develop improved understanding of subjects, as well as the ability to identify and retain pertinent information, all geared at improving grades.

Thomas Jefferson. MV 22113 pt.1-2 PBS Home Video/Turner Home Entertainment, 1997.
Chronicles the life of Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher of Freedom. MV 21865 A&E Home Video, 1995.
The public life of Jefferson was exemplary, but his private life was flawed.

TR, the story of Theodore Roosevelt. MV 22013, pt. 1-2 PBS Video, 1996.
TR's magnetic personality and genius for publicity made him a legend in his own time. He is portrayed as a deft politician and a skillful diplomat.

Unearthing the Slave Trade. MV 22184 Films for the Humanities, 1994.
Archeological excavation of sites on both sides of the Atlantic is bringing to light aspects of the slave trade long buried in the liberal minds of those north of the Mason-Dixon line.

White House. MV 22096 A&E Home Video/New Video Group, 1994.
Inside look at a building that is part monument, part command center and part exclusive mansion.

Wild Bill Hickok. MV 21463 Home Video, 1994.
Wild bill Hickock was a gambler, stagecoach driver, sheriff, Indian Scout and more.

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