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Listed below are the Las Positas College English as a Second Language Course Textbooks for Fall 2008. All books not listed as "Recommended" are required.

In addition to these textbooks, students also read a full-length text.

The theme for all full-length texts is science.

  • ESL 131A: Who Was Albert Einstein
  • ESL 131B: Who Was Charles Darwin
  • ESL 121A: My Life With the Chimpanzees
  • ESL 121B: Leonardo da Vinci
  • ESL 24: The Omnivore's Dilemma
  • ESL 25: The Radio Active Boyscout

Level One

ESL 130A

ESL 131A

ESL 130B

ESL 131B

ESL 133

ESL 136

Level Two

ESL 120A

ESL 121A

ESL 120B

ESL 121B

ESL 123

ESL 126

Level Three

ESL 24

ESL 25

ESL 23

ESL 26

ESL Program Coordinator

Julia McGurk

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