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Online Learning

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Welcome to the Online Learning web site at Las Positas College! This site is intended to provide the resources and tools necessary to help you succeed in your course(s).

At LPC, most on-campus courses use Blackboard, a virtual classroom, to enhance instruction. We also have a Distance Education (DE) program, which includes courses in two formats: online, which is conducted over the Internet; and hybrid, which is a combination of online and on-campus instruction.

In addition to class sessions, materials, and exercises being accessible online, DE courses make full use of interactive technologies, such as email, discussion boards, blogs, chat, and even group assignments so students can stay connected with their instructor and fellow students.

Because DE courses offer access to accommodate the varied lifestyles and learning styles of students, LPC provides an array of General Education classes in this format. Moreover, students can take DE courses to earn many, if not all, of the units necessary to obtain certain degrees and certificates. All DE courses maintain the same high academic standards of on-campus courses and most are transferable (see the Course Catalog for transfer details).

If you are enrolled in either an on-campus course that uses Blackboard, a hybrid course, or a fully online course, the links to the left will give you the information you need to get started.

Good luck in your course(s)!

Online Learning

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Page last modified: August 18, 2016