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Educational Master Plan: 2015-2020

The Las Positas College Educational Master Plan (EMP) articulates the institution’s goals and strategies for advancing the college’s mission. The plan guides the college in strengthening student achievement, planning for current and future needs, transforming infrastructure and informing the resource allocation process and staffing priorities.

Las Positas College’s EMP is primarily based on input and feedback received from faculty, staff and students on numerous occasions. A workshop was held at the regularly scheduled Town Hall Meeting on November 4, 2014 to get initial input into the college’s EMP. A planning charrette was conducted on February 20, 2015 to provide additional input into Las Positas College’s EMP. During May of 2015, Las Positas College hosted seven discussion/feedback sessions on campus regarding the draft EMP framework. The EMP was also discussed at a number of committee meetings. In addition, feedback received from faculty, staff, and administrators during the summer of 2015. Furthermore, external and internal environmental scans were conducted to inform the EMP.

The EMP meets student needs through long‐range planning of instructional and student support programs, facility and site planning needs and technological needs. The EMP was adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 17, 2015.

Educational Master Plan: 2015-2020


Strategic Plan: 2010-2015

Following the revision of its Mission Statement, the creation of its Vision Statement, and the development of its Institutional Strategic Goals, Las Positas College engaged in a year-long strategic planning process during the 2009-2010 academic year.  The goal was to engage the College community in a strategic planning process that was radically inclusive, that integrated institutional planning efforts, and that provided an opportunity to develop a collective vision for the organization. 

More than 200 members of the campus community participated in this initiative through their involvement at Visioning Day and Flex Day, and the result is the Las Positas College Strategic Plan 2010-2015 – a plan that is strategic, dynamic, measurable, interconnected, and institutionalized.

In order to address student and community needs, the College developed a comprehensive Educational Master Plan to guide its growth from 2003 to 2010. Included in this planning process was a Facilities Modernization Program which, together with funding from a Bond approved by local voters, provided the roadmap and resources for the College build-out. 

This expansion of the campus covered state-of-the-art facilities, including the now-completed Physical Education Complex, housing a gymnasium and instructional areas; the Multi-Disciplinary Building, providing more than 36,000-square-feet of classrooms, lecture hall, and lab space; the Aquatics Center, featuring two swimming pools for instruction, competition, and recreation; a multi-use athletic field; and a new parking lot, bringing 500 more parking spaces to campus. In addition, completed in 2010 were the College Center for the Arts – with a 500-seat theater, 1,500-seat amphitheater, and classroom space; and the modern Child Development Center for training new teachers as well as providing day care to 35 children.

Other projects for completion in 2013 are expansion of the Science Building and a new Student Services and Administration Building at the center of the campus. With the convenience of the new Student Services offices and a new cafeteria in the middle of campus will come improvements of pathways, "sticky space" for students to gather outside, and attractive landscaping - called "Campus Boulevard".

As its enrollment continued to climb toward the estimated 12,000 students in 2010, Las Positas College once again embarked on the journey of writing its future history. This strategic planning process – involving faculty, staff, students, administrators, and community members – sets th e foundation for future directions, as well as the development and assessment of programs, services, and facilities at the institution.

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Las Positas College Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (PDF, 24.2 MB)

For information on the College's previous strategic planning efforts, follow the link below:

LPC Educational Master Plan: 2003-2010



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