About Las Positas College

Mission Statement

Las Positas College is an inclusive learning-centered institution providing educational opportunities and support for completion of students’ transfer, degree, basic skills, career-technical, and retraining goals.

Vision Statement

Las Positas College strives to be California’s premier Community College, setting the standard through opportunities for developing knowledge, skills, values, and abilities that foster engaged and contributing members of the society.

Values Statement

Las Positas College thrives as a collaborative teaching and learning community committed to integrity and excellence by:

  1. Encouraging and celebrating lifelong learning
  2. Responding to the needs of the ever-changing workplace
  3. Demonstrating civic, social and environmental responsibility
  4. Promoting ethical behavior, tolerance and mutual respect in a diverse community
  5. Fostering a climate of discovery, creativity and personal development
  6. Holding firm to the belief that each of us makes an astonishing difference.

2014-2015 Focus Goals

Focus Goals:

  1. Excellence
  2. Equity
  3. Completion

Institutional Strategic Goals

  1. Provide excellence in teaching, student learning, services to students, and scholarship by providing state of the art learning facilities, equipment, supplies and resources, and staffing.  (Teaching and Learning)
  2. Increase recognition of Las Positas College as a premier institution of innovative higher education that prepares talented, competent, and engaged members of the community. (Institutional Advancement)
  3. Ensure the highest level of service to students and the community through continuous and purposeful evaluation of programs and services that situates student learning, community responsiveness, and employee engagement as the center of all we do. (Accountability)
  4. Offer cutting edge educational opportunities designed to accelerate the economic development of the Tri-Valley region. (Economic Development)
  5. Provide excellence in the stewardship of the community’s investment in Las Positas College and expand the institution’s capacity to apply resources to meet the needs of students, staff, and faculty through strategic assessment and resource allocation. (Resource Development and Allocation)
  6. Commit to excellence in teaching, student learning, and scholarship by expanding professional development for all employees and nurturing the intellectualism within the campus culture. (Academic and Professional Excellence)
  7. Serve a diverse college community by maintaining and expanding an environment of accessibility, equality, and social justice. (Diversity and Pluralism)
  8. Craft a culture of collective responsibility through an enhancement of College processes and systems, reinforcing internal communication, integrating internal planning processes that promote coordination and accountability, and strengthening a sense of community and collaboration internally and within the District. (Communication and Infrastructure)
  9. Serve as a catalyst for enhanced community life through outreach, partnerships, services, and significant contributions to quality arts, cultural, wellness and vitality experiences and activities in the Tri-Valley. (Community Life)
  10. Engage in sustainable stewardship and community leadership as an institution through our use of products and technology, our practices and curriculum, our policies, and our philosophy as represented through institutional culture and leadership. (Sustainability)

President's Goals

President's Goals 2014-2015


Glossary of Terms

The multiple meanings of the terms used in the Mission Statement are below:

  1. Inclusive - welcoming of a diverse group of students including but not limited to DSPS, EOPS, CalWORKS, International, Multicultural, various Economic Backgrounds, Distance Education, and Lifelong Learners; all with varying skill levels and learning styles.
  2. Learning-Centered - refers to courses, programs, disciplines, modes of delivery, learning communities, accounting for varying skills levels, creative and critical thinking, and having necessary and specialized facilities.
  3. Educational opportunities - include but are not limited to classroom and Distance Education (DE) instruction, athletics, field trips, guest speakers, student government, cultural opportunities, clubs, labs, internships, tutorial service, workshops, library research, and mentoring.
  4. Support includes tutorial center, reading and writing center, counseling, office hours, Integrated Learning Center, Admissions and Records, advisory boards, Health and Wellness, financial aid, BlackBoard (on-line) courses, technology, enrollment management, assessment, tutorial services, Library, Computer Center, Student Services, Administrative Services; all provided by a dedicated group of administrators, faculty and classified professionals.



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