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Hiring College Students

Students at Las Positas come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have just as diverse dreams they are pursuing. What most of them have in common are those dreams and little work experience in their chosen field of study. We encourage you to hire our students. They are eager to learn and to gain the experience that only comes from working in the field.

When you are ready, there are a couple ways to move forward with Las Positas College: Recruit on campus by having a table in our common area or post a job on the region’s electronic job board with the Tri-Valley One-Stop.

When hiring a student, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Students are students first

    When you have a student on your staff, please be flexible in their hours so that they can attend classes and get their work done. Their priority should be to complete their degree or certificate. The College offers classes at night, during the day and online. It’s important that they be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Students don’t have a lot of work experience, they will need trained

    Even for entry level positions, companies often seek candidates with experience. This can leave students in a Catch-22 – having no experience to land the job but needing a job to get experience. Students are eager to learn and are highly motivated. Be willing to train them and foster their potential.

  • Students want meaningful work

    Students, today, want to be sure that what they do matters, both in gaining valuable experience and in making a difference in their community. They want to know about the company’s values, about work-life balance, and about how you give back to others. Understand that students today will be “working to live, not living to work.” Make what they do meaningful.