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Internships & Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning activities extend the classroom into the workplace--putting the theory, knowledge and skills gained in class into practice. Those linkages make for better students and better employees. Las Positas College’s Work-Based Learning Initiative is dedicated to help create these linkages. It is a collaboration with local business and industry to develop career and work experience opportunities, internships and mentoring programs, community work and study placements directly related to a vocational field of training. This partnership benefits both employers and students, ensuring a talent pipeline of skilled workers from our College to the workplace and reinforcing and expanding students’ classroom learning.

Faculty and employers interested in participating in work-based learning activities should email: Students interested should visit College Central Network.

Work-Based Learning Benefits to Employers

  • Obtain an expanded pool of qualified applicants
  • Recruit and screen potential employees
  • Evaluate potential employees in work settings, prior to hiring
  • Develop a quick, reliable source of skilled labor
  • Meet contractual and legal obligations for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Improve the quality of life and work skills in the community
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees
  • Influence curriculum development to meet industry requirements

Work-Based Learning Benefits to Students

  • Connect classroom learning to the workplace
  • Earn income and gain work experience while attending college
  • Get access to good jobs
  • Develop contacts to broaden employment options
  • Build self-confidence and experience success at college and work
  • Gain individualized support for educational and professional needs and goals

Las Positas College has developed specific activities to support the Work-Based Learning Initiative:


Internships are structured career preparation activities designed to enrich and expand classroom learning. Students are placed at a workplace for a defined period of time to participate in and observe work first-hand within a given industry. Las Positas College promotes paid internship programs for its students. Students may also be eligible to receive college credit for their internship service.

To find a local internship and upload your resume, visit College Central Network.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an unpaid experience where a student follows a worker for a short period of time to learn about a particular occupation or industry. This activity helps students explore the world of work and the range of opportunities found within an occupational area.

Field Trips

A field trip is an off-campus educational and instructional experience. Generally hosted by an employer, a field trip offers students the opportunity to observe, ask questions, and learn from the experience of being on a worksite.

Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers are a valuable asset to a student's education. Las Positas College welcomes them to our campus to showcase their industry and/or worksite. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about skills needed for occupations, discover more about specific professions, and ask questions of the industry professional.

Other Activities

Career-related student competitions, work experience, service learning, and faculty externships.