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Workshops & Classes

The internet is full of online help for a successful job search. Everywhere you turn, there is another expert offering advice. To help, we’ve scanned the most popular sites and we offer a number of helpful links for you in our Online Resources.

However, there is no substitute for being able to ask an expert and having that in-person guidance. Though the Las Positas Career Center does not currently have staff, there are still ample opportunities for workshops and classes to help you in your career decisions.

Las Positas Counseling Department offers a number of classes to help. Their Psychology Counseling courses support your personal growth and development as a student, guiding you toward your professional life. They can help you find a job and keep a job by offering help on the ever important soft skills. You can take them as electives regardless of your major – or toward a Certificate of Achievement in Health & Human Services. Find the course descriptions in the latest College Catalog. Talk with a Counselor for more information.

  • PSCN 10 – Career and Educational Planning
  • PSCN 11 – Interpersonal Relationships
  • PSCN 13 – Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America

The Tri-Valley One-Stop also offers workshops on a regular basis to help you in your job search. They range from job search strategies to developing your resume; from LinkedIn to interview skills. Workshops are offered Monday through Thursday. You are sure to find a time that works for you. Check out their workshops on the Tri-Valley One-Stop website. The One-Stop’s Calendar page shows you all the upcoming workshops in their Dublin office. You can RSVP directly from the site.