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2 your first 2 years at Las Positas College
+ 2 transfer to a University for 2 more years
= 4 your Bachelor degree!


High Transfer Rate to Universities

Las Positas College has one of the highest transfer rates of any California Community College! According to the California Community Colleges Chancelor's Office Transfer Velocity Cohort Report for the most recent year, Las Positas College has a 48% Transfer rate to Universitiy. This is well above the state average of 39%


Everyone likes a Guarantee!

Las Positas College offers Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) programs for International Students to the following 6 University of California schools: (Please Note that UC San Diego no longer offers a TAG)

University of California Schools with TAG Program for International Students

Click here for a list of TAG programs for Las Positas College students and requirements.

* If you have attended a university or college in your country, you MUST submit all records to the university for which you are applying for a TAG

* The following universities do not offer the TAG program to students with college coursework completed outside the United States:

  • U.C. Irvine
  • U.C. Riverside
  • U.C. San Diego

Please also visit our Transfer Center website for more information on transferring to Universities.


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017